Feb 20, 2009

The adoption...

Many moons ago, well 16 years to be exact my mother had another baby. Mariel was born February 12, 1993. The morning she was born my brother Tory, sister Malesah and I sat in the back of my dad's chevy and waited for my dad to come out to let us know how mom and our new baby brother was or at least that's what we thought. My mom didn't find out the sex of the baby, I don't think it was an option for her. We had this notion in our heads that mom was going to have a boy and we were all excited. My dad came out to the truck and had told us we had a new sister. That totally killed the mood and I think I actually shed a couple tears. I was seven and a half and was the oldest of the Tima girls. Before I knew it, I took on the duties of the second mother. Changing diapers, fixing bottles, babysitting was all too familiar after a few months of playing nanny to my mother's requests and demands. Mariel was always connected to my hip. Everywhere I went she would come too even when I didn't want her to or else I'd have to stay home. She even came to a high school stomp my freshman year. Everyone thought she was the most adorable thing. She had the cutest little face and I will have to admit she was ridiculously spoiled. When my parents got divorced she was pretty much mine. I got a job at Ken's Sandwich Shoppe just so the girls could have lunch money. I always felt bad for her because the divorce was extremely hard on me and I could only imagine what it felt like for her. She understood more than I gave her credit for and couldn't help but take her under my wing. She was my baby.
Now she is sixteen and I still feel like she is mine. I will always consider her mine. As I helped raise Mariel and Malesah, it prepared me for motherhood. I only hope she learns from my mistakes and becomes the person I never could be. Actually I know she'll become better than me.

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