Feb 21, 2009

The siblings...

My brother and sisters are my world. Hola is my everything but before him, it was this crazy bunch. My brother, Tory is the rock of our family. He is what keeps us together and has been a father figure to us girls for a long time now. His determination is remarkable. I've never seen a more driven person and also very charming. People fall in love with his charismatic ways and bubbly personality. He does have his downs though. My mother has been an enabler to him. He has been spoiled rotten that at times I think he is more demanding than we like. Then there is me. The second oldest of the four and the oldest of the girls. Growing up I was stingy and was the big brat of the family, the one with the most attitude. When I was younger I was called 'onion,' because I cried all the time. I am the most sensitive but also very nurturing. Then came Malesah, our Lessa. The minute you meet her, you instantly fall in love. Well it's either you love her or your hate her, there's no in between. She has a warm personality and is the craziest girl known to mankind. Anything that comes out of her mouth appropriate or not, she would be able to get away with saying. There's something about her, she's special. Anything can be humorous and she is so good when it comes to performing. She does have a temper like you wouldn't believe and the girl has got a mouth. She is a low blower and has made me cry more times than I would like to admit. Then our last, our baby, Mariel. She's the sweet, quiet, very well mannered yet funny as ever little girl. She has learned from everyone else and knows what not to do and what things she can play on to get her way. She, like, Tory is spoiled. More so than she would like to admit. She is spoiled by more than just my mom. Lessa and I take every opportunity and dollar that we have to make sure she had what we didn't. She is the artistic one and like Tory, ridiculously smart. Athletically she is everything I wish I could have been, She is more like me than I would like to admit. Just like me, she has an attitude.
Like all brothers and sisters they can get on your nerves but in the end no matter what they do, how different or alike you may be, they will always be the ones there for you. In my time of need I have always been able to rely on my siblings for anything. Tory for moral support, Lessa for financial support, and Mariel just to lighten up the mood. Without them I wouldn't be me and I hope that the feelings are mutual for them. As bratty and moody as I get I hope the reliance and need for them is just as strong as it is for me.

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