Mar 30, 2009

a good laugh

My sister Mariel or as I like to call her, smello always makes me laugh. I went to pick her up from school today and on the drive home we couldn't stop laughing. My eyes were watery, stomach aching, and it was hard to see the road. I swear I burn more calories hanging out with her than any crazy workout at the gym. She says the craziest and funniest things. Im so glad to be around her more than ever. Its refreshing to see such potential. She's my mini me and its nice to see a lot of good things come from her, she's super smart. Since my job from the credit union I don't laugh as much. Mi amiga Janette and I used to laugh until we almost wet ourselves and Im glad I can count on smello for always making my day, even when I am grumpy or down in the dumps.
Wow I laughed so hard my cheeks still hurt. Aaah laughing is amazing.

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