Mar 29, 2009

Makes Me Laugh

As time goes on, I've learned to write down everything Hola says. Any and everything will come out of his mouth and quite frankly I never know with this child. When he was three years old he asked me for some chips. I was offended because I thought he had called me a b.... I asked him again what he wanted and pointed to the bag of potato chips and said I WANT BI... well you can finish the rest. I was stunned but he was so cute when he said it I wanted to laugh and just to make sure, I had him say chips again. Yep exactly what I thought, the B word. I called Ben and told him and he couldn't stop laughing. For a while our family would tell Hola to say what's up chips. Kids really do say the darndest things. I was talking to a friend a couple nights ago and Hola asked if she was back from Yew Nork. I love it and get sad that he actually talks really well now and carrying a conversation with him is like talking to any adult. Its crazy that time goes by so fast. Four more years and the little rugrat will be ten. Oh my goodness.

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