Mar 30, 2009


Life. Seems like such a simple concept. There are those who live the life that was paved for them and there are some who choose to make their own path.
Rules. There are some that follow the rules to a T and there are those who choose to break every single one.
I like to think about my life as a coloring book, not really but let's just pretend it was. As much as I want to play it safe and color in the lines I continually find myself outside of the lines. I am a bit of a scribbler and everything in my life seems to stay out of the lines. I even tend to start from the back of the book. Whether this is good or bad, I have no clue but the fact that I can print my name on each page after I am done is quite rewarding. It may not be to anyone's standards and some will never understand my thought process or my lifestyle I can happily say that what's done is done and while looking back I've made a few master pieces and in that I take comfort. Take it or leave it, this is me. My life comes in so many twists, turns, and tricks. I will never know what tomorrow holds but I can assure you that I will be here day in and day out to make sure my happy ending is a reality and not just a far fetched dream.

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