Apr 5, 2009


Today Hola Cow and I went to watch Mariel's club volleyball tournament and I couldn't help but have so many emotions as I watched the girls play. It seemed like the competition was so fierce back then and it seems like girls nowadays are shorter and just look so much younger. Its crazy. I started to miss the days when Monica, Low and I used to play. How crazy we were about the game. I think we were just hungry for some action. As I watched balls being dropped left and right and passes being shanked, I couldn't help but want to go out there. We all know if I did then I would totally put mysef to shame because I am just fat and lazy now. It makes me laugh because if I could do it all over again I would in a heartbeat. Well just the sports aspect of high school. Nothing else. haha
Watching Mariel play made me so proud. She's got a mean jump serve and her spikes are killer. Its awesome to see her grow and love the game just as much or maybe even more than I did. I love watching her play and at some points during her games it was almost like I could read her mind. Maybe its just because we are so close and we think alike.

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