Apr 13, 2009

Easter Weekend!

I had Hola on Thursday and decided to let his dad have him on Sunday since there are more little kids around. I know Hola would have more fun with his cousin's the morning of Easter since there is only one grand child on my side of the family. Yes my sister and brother need to get on the ball because I really would like to be an aunt! (and dogs don't count, Lessa!) Anyway so we started Easter a bit early. Hola and I got up early Saturday morning but not early enough. We had missed the egg hunt we had planned on going to in South Salt Lake. I thought it started at 11:00 but it was at 10:00. I must be getting old! We had gotten there and everyone was getting ready to leave so Hola and I went to IHOP to do what we do best!!

Me and my bubby!
We did an egg hunt for Hola Cow on Saturday evening and we made Smello play just so he would feel like he was trying to compete with someone and in his little eyes it would be more fun!!

I think Lessa had more fun than the kids, you'll see why I say that shortly
I tried to video tape a snippet of the hunt and Lessa was killing me as she always does. She was running around making nonsense noises! She's so funny!

See the uninterested 16 year old!

Hola had fun though!

What a goober!

On the hunt!

The goofballs of the family!

We ended the night by watching movies with the family. Like always it was just fun to spend time with each other! Now that Tory is back from his mission it has been awesome to have all the kids together again! Now if only he can find a mate, Lessa and Brad can tie the knot already; we can add to our awesome family!

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