Apr 13, 2009

Family Time

I don't know where we get our funky faces from but they are some pretty ugly ones! ha ha

ha ha all I can do is laugh! They're so crazy!

My grumpy pants, it must be bedtime!

Smello trying to make skinny cheeks

Maybe I should've tried to make skinny cheeks, yikes!

Tory, Hola Cow, Lessa

Hola and his Lessa. He thought her name was My lessa! I asked him when he was about two years old what Lessa's real name was and he said,"Duh, it's My lessa!!" My Lessa, Malesah, either way, she's his!!!

My crazy yet oh so wonderful family! It's always nice to get together once and a while and when all is said and done, they are my foundation! I have so much fun with them and although we've had our share of drama, we have pulled together through the rough times and together we can conquer any and everything!!

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