Apr 9, 2009

Music is Life

I've been so lost the past few months and I finally got my ipod touch back from my brother and its like a new leaf has been turned. What I needed was so simple yet such a no brainer. Music. It is my first love and my long lost friend that I've longed for and have been in dire need of. Listening to my ipod has brought so many thoughts racing and so many ideas. Im overflowing. It seems so silly but if you know me well, music is my life. I love it like a fat kid loves cake. Every song is magic. Its bliss to my ears. I have such a passion for it and am constantly getting inspiration. Life would be dull and boring without it. I am thankful for it, I am lost without it. It is my true love and will never leave me. I can always count on it to lift me up and take me away to a world of no worries and takes me back to wonderful memories I so long for. Listening to old songs takes me back to the exact place I was when I first heard it. Its my time capsule. It brings back so many emotions and helps sooth my pains. It is the friend that will help, it doesn't look at me funny or think I am completely out of my mind, it doesn't talk back. It is the perfect friend. It brings me back to memory lane and for that I can't thank it enough.


  1. That is 100% exactly how I feel! Love this amiga!

  2. Amiga we are so on the same page!! You're freaking amazing!! <3


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