Mar 2, 2010

Boy meets girl!

I find it funny that my husband was one of my first crushes. Let me take you back to our younger days and the history we have. Our dad's served lds missions in the same area and continued to keep in touch so we've known each other pretty much our whole lives. When we were about five or six, Isaiah taught me how to shoot a lay up! He got upset because I didn't use the correct hand, which later came back to haunt me in my high school years because my coaches always got on my case about that!
In 1997 my family and I made our way to California for Isaiah's grandpa's funeral.
As we spent time in California I started liking him more and to this day I remember everything that happened, I remembered the clothes he wore, how very nice he was, even the time he fell on his head while cleaning up the chapel! (I know, I'm creeper status!)
I remember my sister and I kept saying we were going to marry Isaiah.
My dad thought we were dorks. He had always seen Isaiah as a nephew.
Everyone in our families except for us considered each other family.
Funny how things turn out.
We finally crossed paths again on good ol' facebook in 2009! Isaiah or better known as Zeek and I met up again in July. Last year on my birthday was actually the first time we had seen each other in twelve years.
It definitely was a great present.
Zeek was all grown up and soon came flooding in that little crush I had for him.
We continued to keep in touch and by October he was catching flights to chilly Utah!
His first trip to visit me, I was done for.
I knew he was the one I wanted to be with forever! Sound silly? I thought so but I knew in my heart of hearts, he was the one!!
Makes me laugh now as I look back and used to stress about never finding the one, never getting my happy ending. Yet here he was right under my nose.
I am living my happy not ending but beginning!


  1. I love this story, you were meant to be together, always. you deserve a happy ending!!

    1. isn't it funny how fast time flies? I was re-reading this post and it seemed like just yesterday I wrote this then I noticed the date of your comment and it has been exactly three years later! Glad to still be in contact with such a sweet person as you!


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