Mar 21, 2010

It's never too late...

Zeek and I have decided to read at least a chapter a day of scriptures if not more. Our goal for next year is to be sealed in the temple and I'm happy to say that our goal seems tangible. A few years back I could honestly say that I never saw that goal in sight, at least for me but when you find someone with the same values as you, there's nothing that seems too far fetched. Sadly, I must say that my example to my son has not been a good one in a sense of being an active church member so as we get ready for church on Sundays, Hola always has an excuse. Hopefully now that we are in a new ward and there are a lot of little kids his age, he will have a new found love of Primary as I did as a child.
I must say though that it is never too late, we are working on memorizing The Articles of Faith and although it has only been a half hour, he is doing really well and almost has the first one memorized! So here's to hoping, praying, and all that good stuff!! I look forward to next year when Hola turns eight, seems so weird to say. Time flies. I hope to make the best of it and enjoy all those around me!!


  1. I know you guys can make it!! IT will be so worth it :)

  2. Thank you!! I am looking forward to it and know the blessings will be so worth it! It helps a lot to know that we have lots of support!


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