Apr 18, 2010

Not so much...

"We're a Lakers family!"  ... not so much for me but as for everyone else in my little family that is definitely the case.

As my son and Zeke watch the Lakers,  I have my headphones on to try to drown the sounds of the game and browsing the web. I don't think I'm a hater I just don't like them! I never have but to each is their own. I don't say anything because if you don't have anything nice to say, you're not supposed to say anything at all, right?!
Zeke so proudly converted my son to a Lakers fan and I told Hola Cow that he could love the Lakers but it doesn't mean that I have to, he then said, "Yes you do, because we're a Lakers family!" Oh man I love my boys to death even if we don't see eye to eye on sports teams! Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Haha aww! Hola is so stinkin' cute Amiga! At least, I am a Laker fan and can feel the love! Haha and your baby bump is too cute! Miss ya girl!

  2. Oh amiga, they rub it in my face! At least you've compromised and have gone to a jazz game, these two would veto that so fast!! Miss you too, hope all is well!


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