Apr 13, 2010

Weekend with Lessa!!

Hola and PJ, aren't they just adorable?!
Lessa, Hola, PJ, and Hinkley!

The boys had a blast and didn't want to leave. As we were heading to the car to go back home Hola and Hinx had snuck PJ into our car. As I tried to get him out, PJ ran to the front passenger seat and sat down! As I failed to get PJ out of the car, Lessa came to grab him and as she reached for him, PJ laid his head down on Zeeky's lap as if to say he wanted to come with us! It was the cutest thing and my poor son was almost in tears because he wanted his PJ to come. Like always our weekend was awesome! Having to work all week it is nice to just relax and spend a couple days with the ones I love! It's always an adventure when Hola is around and to top it off my wonderful husband makes it even more amazing! Family... isn't it about time?! lol j/k but really what a blessing to have them around, I enjoy every minute of it!

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