Jun 20, 2010

Baby Shower...

Yesterday, my awesome sister, Malesah, amazing cousin, Nua and my dear mother Annie threw me a baby shower. I know this is not my first baby but having a baby after six and a half years leaves me as pretty much a first time mom! We really are starting from scratch because we didn't have a car seat, stroller, and pretty much the works. All of Hola's old clothes we gave away after we found out he was having boy cousins. It was a nice surprise to see a lot of my old friends and family. It is amazing to have such wonderful people in our lives and to help us celebrate our baby. We are excited and I continue to count down the days which might not be a good thing.
We got a lot of great gifts, I didn't document much picture wise but here are a few of the presents we received.

Thank you everyone who came out, I love you all!!

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