Jun 13, 2010

Family Time

Yesterday after I got off work Isaiah wanted to take Hola and Mariel somewhere so they could get out of the house.

We went to Buffet City which was the place we had our little reception at. Hola loved it, he barely eats so it was nice to see him eating. He had two plates which was more than he ate altogether last week.
I really do feed him he just doesn't ever have a big appetite. It comes in spurts and this weekend I think we hit the jackpot!! After dinner we took them bowling. For those of you who don't know, Hola Cow is the most competitive little six year old I know!! He is so passionate about everything he does even bowling. Sometimes it bugs me a bit because it really is just a game but when I think about it, I am the same way especially when it comes to sports. Isaiah's first turn he got a strike which fueled Hola's competitiveness even more. I thought to myself, "Oh yes, this is why we haven't gone bowling in a while!!" After the first game like always he got bored of it but was happy he finally got a strike. It was a really good day. Although I was tired from having to work I'm glad Isaiah wanted us to get out of the house. Making memories with my family is what I enjoy and am glad to always have them around.

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