Jun 8, 2010

32 weeks and 4 days

I am a total slacker and this is the up-to-date picture. 32 weeks and 4 days!!
I am so excited, it is coming down to the wire and we really can't wait.
Zeeky and I always talk about how our baby is going to look. I hope baby looks like him!
Hola is so cute. He always makes sure that I am doing well and gives my belly kisses which I think is the most adorable thing ever!
It is getting hard to stand at work so I am counting down the days to my maternity leave. Plus with it being summer, I am kind of a grumpy pants!! I'll continue to blame it on the hormones because after next month, I won't have that excuse anymore.
My good friend Maxine just had her baby and sent me a picture. Once I received it, it made me even more excited for our little one to arrive. Little by little we are prepping the arrival of little Fa'auuga and can't wait for him to join our little family!

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