Jul 22, 2010

2 Week Check-Up

Today we had baby Jack's two week check up and he only gained five ounces. I was sure he had gone back to his birth weight but he still hasn't. He has about nine ounces to go. As hard as I've been trying to nurse and pump on a regular basis, it was frustrating to see the numbers hadn't changed much from last week's appointment. I was pretty down and felt like a failure but because of my loving husband I feel much better and just need to keep on going. He'll eventually become the little fatty we want him to, it'll just take time and much patience on my end. But overall, his heart is strong and he didn't even cry when his heel got poked for blood samples. He's such a great baby and doesn't fuss much. It makes life run so much smoother. Still counting my blessings and feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. Happy Pioneer Day (which is my birthday also!!) Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Happy Birthday! You received a great early birthday gift this year. What a strong boy he is not crying when he got poked. Additionally, don't beat yourself up; you are a wonderful mom. I loved your interaction with Hola when we got together for photo's so there is no doubt in the world that your an amazing mother who is involved her families life. That's a fabulous mom.

  2. Such a cute baby! So glad all went well. Don't give up on the nursing, it can be hard but it is so worth it. The cost of formula alone was enough to make me keep at it.


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