Jul 1, 2010

Almost there...36 weeks

I am getting bigger by the hour now. I can feel it and am ready to just have baby here. I am at the uncomfortable stage and the heat is really getting to me! I am down to the last month and I really think that baby will be here early. The pains that I have been feeling are only getting stronger. Maybe he's upset because he has no more room to move around. At work today a pediatrician came to make a deposit and she said by the looks of it, I'm carrying around a nine pounder. How comforting?! That seems about right, this baby is going to be big but I'd much rather have them pleasantly plump than skin and bones even if that means I get cankles and look swollen!! I'll take one for the team, the Reupena team. Next time around I will make sure I am not expecting in the summer again!! Any time you're ready baby, mommy and daddy would love to have you join us...soon!! Happy 4th of July everyone, hope you have a marvelous weekend!

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