Aug 27, 2010

California Love

California weather is great! There's a cool breeze and not dry like the desert I call home. It's nice to be here with my lovey and listen to his football updates. His first game of the season is next Saturday and I'm looking forward to seeing him in action. Baby Jack has a little routine here. Every morning he wakes up quite a bit between five until nine thirty. By ten he's up for a little bit so while he's up Isaiah's Grandma Va (which is baby's great grandma) gives him a bath. He'll just sit in his little tub and look around. He really likes it. After his bath he'll nap until daddy comes home from practice. It's so cute because he's very alert and looks around every time he hears sounds. I love when he reaches for my finger or lifts his arm and his little fist rests on my cheek. Since we've been here in California, baby has been showered with so much love and attention. I absolutely love it. To be able to watch and absorb all that goes on around, it definitely goes to show it's the little things that count. Here are a few things I love walking by and noticing:
-Baby Jack laying on papa while watching tv
-Nana sitting at the piano singing primary songs to baby
-Grandma bathing baby, laughing and talking to him the whole time
-Nana and Papa sitting together watching baby's every move, observing his little hands and feet, seeing such rapid changes in the little time we've been here
- Car rides with Nana in the back seat playing with baby
-Daddy laying baby on his chest for a little burp session
I know there are lots more but these things make me grateful and remind me of how fortunate I am; that there is love all around me.

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