Aug 21, 2010

Family Time

Today was a good day. Two days away from seeing my lovey and it's put me in a good mood! But I also had a great time tonight because my step mom threw me a baby shower and I was able to spend some time with my Marshallese family. Although they spoke Marshallese the whole time I could feel their sweet spirits and kind acts. Baby Jack sure is loved. Two baby showers down and one more to go which will be in California so we look forward to that as well. We also got to spend time with my mom's side because this weekend is our family reunion. Typically we have a week long reunion with fun activities for all ages and family members from all over the globe but plans and locations fell through and well life just happened so a few cousins decided to gather as many family members as they could and at least spend some quality time together. Tonight we did a potluck at a chapel and it was nice to see my cousins and crazy to see how much we've grown and that most of us have started families of our own. It's also nice to have the Oregon crew here, I love them. This weekend should be fun and should make the time fly by. I'm grateful for having a wonderful family and it's nice to have such a large family. I love how we continue to grow and make our mark in life. As busy and hectic as everyone's life is, it's nice to take time out to get to know one another. Families are forever and I just love mine especially my little family. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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