Aug 17, 2010


I have so much running through my mind and I can't seem to get any sleep. I feel restless and within the last month have had so many things happen. I don't want to go into detail of what's been going on but I do think if I were to write a book, one of my highlight chapters would've been the event that happened Saturday night! Let's just say that when it rains, it truly pours! I know that with all the trials and tribulations that have been happening, I find myself relying on the Lord and scriptures a lot more than I have ever before. With that said, I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know that no matter how I feel or what I may say about my siblings or mother, in the end I know there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. It amazes me that in the blink of an eye things can get turned upside down yet to know that it brings my family much closer together is a comforting feeling. It lets me know that the Lord knows what we are going through and in the midst of it all, He will never leave your side. It reassures me that there is a plan and that I have a specific purpose. That the trials I go through were meant for me. I walk away a much better person for it and a much stronger individual.
It has been a week since I've been away from my husband and I can feel a certain void, there's something that is missing. Things don't seem quite right when he's not with me. It's nice to hear his voice and receive his text messages but it'll be nice to be in his presence. Only five more days until I get to see my lovey and I can't wait. Be sure to hug the ones you love and remind them of why you fell in love in the first place.
I love you babe and can't wait to see you next Monday. The boys and I send our love and we just keep counting down the days!

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  1. keep your head up baby. stay strong. i love you. :)


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