Aug 24, 2010

We're here!

I couldn't sleep Sunday night because I was so anxious to go to California. Early Monday morning I got our bags, baby's car seat/stroller and we were off to the airport. I haven't flown anywhere since I was fourteen so it was a lot different this time around. I felt a bit overwhelmed when I saw the line to go through security and then a man pointed me in the direction where the line was for families and those with special needs. Then the overwhelming feeling came back after I learned I had to take baby out of his car seat, break down my stroller, set it all through the conveyor belt, walk through the metal detector, put the stroller back together, stick baby back in his car seat, follow a security guard elsewhere to go through my liquids to see if they were acceptable, and then make my way to our gate. Boy, what a chore. I had to do the same thing once we were boarding the plane. A man offered to put my bags away so that was a relief. Once we landed that same man brought me my bags and I patiently waited for everyone to leave the plane. I'm so glad that we made it to California. It sure has been nice to see my husband and my in-laws! I'm dreading the flight home though!
Anyway we have lots planned and I will post pictures of our activities so stay tuned!

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