Sep 9, 2010

I wonder...

-Why people sit at a window seat on an airplane and pull the little shutter down
-Why people blow their nose into a handkerchief, look at it, and then put it back in their purse (gross btw)
-why someone tells a story and the person 'listening' turns around and tells them a totally different story about themselves.
-what babies dream about
-why some people like to joke until it's not funny anymore
-if some people get dressed in the dark or if they're just trying to make a statement
-how it is necessary for you to let your child throw the biggest fit in the grocery store
-how some people even got their licenses
-why people thrive off of drama
-where people are going or who they are going to see when they're at the airport
-if people who have a facebook are secretly nosy like me

The list goes on but I couldn't help but wonder why people do the things they do...I guess I will never know but it is quite fun to people watch!

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