Sep 25, 2010

Keep it together...

These are the times where I have to cling to the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength. As I go through this ongoing trial I am reminded that I am the Lord's tool. That this trial will soon pass and no matter what happens I will only become stronger. I know the Lord knows my needs and wants. He is mindful of me and watches over me and my family. I am nothing without Him. How blessed am I to have the gospel in my life, to be able to know the truth? As I get older I realize what's important in life. I know that all this time away from my husband and my baby boy will be ok. In the end I know things will turn out exactly how the Lord needs it to be. This probationary state is our time to learn and this is the Lords plan not mine. I love my family near and far. I love my sons more than words. I love my in-laws for their counsel and support and most of all I love my husband, for all that he is and for bringing out the best in me, for seeing past my faults and loving me even in my darkest hour. I am so blessed and would be ungrateful if I didn't express it. So when it rains it pours but know it won't last. Know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Know that He is real and He will get you through anything.


  1. So heartfelt girl. Youre absolutely right, HE knows you, and HE will take care of you and your family.


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