Oct 21, 2010

Another Favorite

5 Love Languages is a great book. It helps you understand what kind of language you speak as well as your other half. It put into perspective that just because I am the way that I am doesn't mean that I need to have my other half be the exact way. Each person is different and we can't always expect things to go our way. I know now that I am married, it's not all about me anymore. Being able to compromise and communicate are key factors to a successful and happy marriage. I'm no expert but I know that with this book it has shown me there are different love languages that people speak. The five in particular are:
   -Words of Affirmation
   -Quality Time
   -Receiving Gifts
   -Acts of Service
   -Physical Touch
I am thankful for my marriage and to have the husband I have. I read this book before I got married and now that I am it makes more sense. I was so used to being independent and making the sole decisions in my life. I am thankful for my husband's patience and his continuing effort to make sure we get our quality time in especially with his hectic schedule. I am thankful he takes the time to express to me how he feels about me. I feel complete and it is quite comforting to know that he will be my partner through the eternities!! I couldn't ask for more.

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