Oct 24, 2010

Day 2 of Blog Journal

FAVORITE MOVIE: This one is an easy one. My favorite movie ever is The Last Samurai.
I can literally watch this movie over and over again. Quite frankly I have! When I lived with Lessa every night before I went to sleep, I would watch it and if I didn't fall asleep the first time, I would replay it until I did. There's a scene where they are training and there's something about their discipline that I really admire. They find a trait and they master it. I wish I could be that disciplined and I'm sure if I really tried I could be.


  1. I found you! Haha. I went to look at your blog and it said it didn't exist. Hopefully you weren't trying to hide from crazy me. LOL. Kidding. Glad I found your new blog!!

  2. I just realized that others that had the old website wouldn't be able to view my blog. I wanted to change the site to include my husband but didn't realize it doesn't link my old one to this new ip address. I'm so slow technologically!! Glad you found me!!


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