Oct 19, 2010


is truly the next best thing to being able to see someone!
I was able to skype my Hola and I was so happy to see his face. He's growing tremendously fast and he already looks taller!! I loved when he saw Zeeky's face, he just lit up. Hola told me he just wanted to jump on Isaiah! Those two are so cute, they love playing around and it's been like that from the start. I know we are far apart in distance but never in spirit. He makes me laugh and we talk about the most random things. It's nice to see a smile on my baby's face. We skyped in the evening then hung up so Hola could eat dinner then he skyped after dinner. The world wide web is truly something else, I love it! Towards the end of our second skype session, Hola asked if we could say a prayer. He asked me in my prayer if I could bless him so he could have good dreams. Before I said our little prayer he got up and knelt down. I asked him why was it that we kneel during prayers and he answered by saying that we have to show respect to our Heavenly Father! I thought it was too cute because a while ago Zeeky told that to Hola and he still hasn't forgotten. I love my Khayleb Vaihola so much. It gives me comfort to be able to see him everyday even if it is through a web cam; I'll take it.

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