Nov 27, 2010

A Confession

I was looking through old things I had written in my notes on facebook and came across something. It was written on June 7, 2009. Just about a month before I met back up with Isaiah and five months before we started dating. It amazes me how things work, how they happen and just how my thoughts generate. There's more to this note but this is a part that sticks out for me and would like to share. Here is what it says:

"ONE CONFESSION: I dream of finding that one whom I can truly be myself and see myself in his eyes. With that said I dream that our future will hold strong to the trials and tribulations that we will endure and in the end make it out a little stronger yet unharmed in the love we have for each other. Rocky roads come and go and I only hope that I find that person where I will be willing to fight for, give my heart to, and love with all my might, mind and strength."

It's amazing and such a blessing to have found the one. Within our ten months of marriage we have already endured so much and I know for a fact our love has been unharmed. How fortunate am I to have found what I have been looking for?! And am willing with every fiber of my being to fight for and love for all eternity. I couldn't have been more blessed. Bring on the years and the trials. Together we can conquer anything!

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