Nov 3, 2010

Day 12 of Blog Journal

SOMETHING I AM OCD ABOUT:  There are a few things that I have super OCD about. Here is my list:
1. Odd numbers. Whether it is the volume on the t.v. or volume on the radio, it always has to fall on an even number. If we are driving in the car and Zeeky or someone else turns the radio up, I always look to see if it's on an even number. I hate it. I think odd numbers are ugly with the exception of #5. (that was my volleyball number.) Mariel's a bully and purposely leaves the t.v. volume on an odd number so she can see me cringe.
2. Open cupboards. It drives me up the wall when I walk into the kitchen and there is an open cupboard or drawer.
3. Open closet doors or bedroom doors but only before I go to bed. I can't sleep if I know the bedroom door or a closet door is open. It has to be shut.

4. Improper grammar (the double negatives is like finger nails to a chalkboard for me) and spelling. I saw on facebook the other day the word maybe was spelled mabey...eek, I must admit it did make me cringe not a little a lot.
5. When people don't know how to use they're, their, and there, your and you're as well as to and too. I mean it's simple english we all learned in grade school. Not being rude just being honest!!

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