Nov 17, 2010

Day 26 of Blog Journal

My week goes the same as how I described my day in great detail. On occasion Zeeky and I will go for a ride or grab a bite to eat but my mother in-law as well as Zeke's Aunt Moli are amazing cooks so we usually eat at home. This week is just another normal week for us but I must say the highlight of this week will be Jack's four month check-up on Friday. Yes that is it but to me that is exciting. We will be able to see how well he is developing and I will be able to get his measurements and heck may as well get mine as far as weight goes. Let's see how much weight I've lost since baby. What exactly do you do during your week? Do you have a routine or are you spiratic in what happens from day to day? Most of my days are similar and we have a vague routine that goes in no particular order but the same things occur day in and day out. My favorite part of our days and/or weeks are being able to put Jack down for bed and have some quality time with my lovey!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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