Nov 20, 2010

Day 28 of Blog Journal

WHAT'S IN MY HANDBAG/PURSE: There is a bunch of junk in my purse. I was going to take a picture just so you could get a visual but I thought I'd pass on that just because it's a mess. I have some gum, a few pay stubs, deodorant, chap stick, my wallet, loose change, a couple of suckers, a few pieces of mail, tweezers, a ridiculous amount of bobby pins, pens, girl essentials if you know what I mean and some clear mascara in which I don't use. That's just in case I want to feel pretty, which sadly I don't dress up as often as I should. I barely even tame my hair!! Oh well, my husband thinks I'm beautiful even at my worst and that's all that matters.

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