Nov 21, 2010

Day 30 of Blog Journal

A DREAM FOR THE FUTURE: To be able to watch my children grow up and become wonderful individuals. I pray that with all my imperfections I will be able to show them how to be amazing role models, humble, respectful, and that they'll always follow their hearts, their dreams and their own aspirations. I hope to instill hard work and dedication. I hope that when I'm long gone, they will have acquired the knowledge & understanding of the gospel and all its truthfulness. That they may be able to pass it on to their children. That the cycle can continue throughout each generation and that they know that my love for them is endless.


  1. You did all 30 days!!!! I have loved this journey with fun.

  2. I know I've enjoyed reading your journal as well!! Now I'll have to actually put in some work to find things to blog about!!


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