Nov 14, 2010

Football season has come and gone

I am still blown away by how quickly football season has come and gone. As I've mentioned  before my husband came down to California in the beginning of August to play football at Orange Coast College. He had played in 2008 after serving an LDS mission and grey shirted the following year. He then moved to Utah after we got married. He was planning on just finding a school in Utah to play at but things weren't going as planned. It was in March when we had decided that we would move to California so he could use up his last year of eligibility to play junior college ball. He made a phone call to his coach and his coach said it would be okay to come back to play and to make sure he was in shape for fall training. It was so simple. It's crazy how some things just fall into place so perfectly and this was one of those times. While in Utah he trained and worked hard so he would be ready for fall ball. Football has always been my husband's passion. When the time had finally come for him to leave to California, he was ready. Ready to play, to show everyone what he is capable of and just be able to do what he loves. This last year of junior college is a big deal for us. This season will determine where we will end up for the next two years. Recruiters from Division 1 schools as well as D2 schools attend jc games and let jc coaches know what positions they are looking for and to see if players from jc leagues have the potential to play at a university level. Orange Coast College sends out quite a few players to move onto D1 schools and play for good universities. Their record may not be that great but the majority of the coaching staff has played at a collegiate and/or professional level of football. With that said means connections so we are hopeful that with those connections combined with my husband's skills he will find a school that can offer him a scholarship. My husband did amazing this year. I feel so blessed to have been able to watch him play. I only missed two games and that was while I was in Utah dealing with the custody battle. He normally plays linebacker but the coach decided to put him as a defensive tackle this year so he could get more playing time. He's excelled in that position and has held his own seeing as most players of that postion double his size. He ended the season with 52 tackles (which means he's 2nd on his team for most tackles), 9 tackles for loss, 4 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 1 blocked kick. He's a natural born leader and you can see just by watching from the sidelines that his teammates have a lot of respect for him. He's always been a very humble and respectful individual. His parents have taught him well and I am proud of the great season he's had. I want him to know how amazing he is and want to thank him for all his hard work he puts into school, football, and taking care of our little family.
I love you babe!


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