Nov 1, 2010

Wonderful Weekend part 2

We decided to drive down to Palm Desert which is a two hour drive from where we live to watch Zeeky's game. Grandma Va, the girls and I drove down in the afternoon to make it in time for the evening game. Baby Jack stayed with Nana and Papa while they attended our ward Halloween party. My mother in-law got 2nd place in the chili cook off. I taste tested it and I must say it was absolutely amazing! I loved it!!
As soon as we got towards Palm Springs, I told the girls that the scenery was pretty and that they should capture it for me since I was driving. This is what they gave me:

Should have made one of them drive so I could capture it myself!!
We finally got to the field and it was almost like I had gone back to my high school days. The field was awful and there was no announcer. It was like we were at a little league football game. It's always fun to hear the announcer say Isaiah's name!! The first play of the game, he got a sack. He's doing really well this year, as for his team, not so much. Here are some pictures of us at the game. I would've documented more on the game but we got bored so we entertained ourselves with a photo op!!


                                                                                                           It was so much fun having the girls here. They make me laugh and it was definitely a much needed visit for me as well as for them. I received my dose of Utah and think it shall hold me off for the next month...hopefully. Now that two of my three favorite people came down to visit, I am anxiously awaiting the visit from my most favorite little boy, Khayleb!!

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