Nov 1, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!!

This weekend was wonderful! My sister Mariel text me Wednesday and said that she and Baily (her best friend) wanted to fly out to California because they didn't have school on Friday. I thought they were just thinking out loud. Baily's mom works for Southwest Airlines so obviously their thinking out loud actually turned into looking for available flights and the next thing I know, Wednesday night they called and asked for me to pick them up at LAX Thursday afternoon. I was so excited because I was in one of my down moods which have been happening more often lately. I couldn't wait. I made the 45 minute drive to LA from Garden Grove and luckily it's easier for me to get around this huge place because my phone has a navigator!! Thank goodness for technology. I picked them up and when we got home, the girls couldn't believe how big baby Jack had gotten. The last time they saw baby he looked like this:

So it was quite a shocker for them to see him like this:

 Friday we took a mini tour around Orange Coast College while Zeeky had practice. We waited for him and took some photos.

It was nice to catch up with them and see how their senior year was going. I told them that this could potentially be their school and they could see me everyday!!
I promised them that I would take them to the beach and after Zeeky was done with practice that is exactly what we did. We live closest to Huntington Beach which is only fifteen minutes away. It was so nice to see them have fun and such a blast to be able to spend time with them!! They are the best.

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