Dec 1, 2010

Happy birthday dad!

Today is my father in-law's birthday so it's only fitting to dedicate this post to him. Ever since I was a little girl I remember everyone always respected Jack. Everyone loves him. He exudes a type of leadership that people wish to acquire and he has this way of making one feel comfortable and feel welcome. He's always ready to advise and is a man that speaks eloquently. There are so many people besides his own children that consider him a father figure. He loves to help others and expects nothing in return. He's an amazing priesthood holder and has made his home, a home to everyone. I admire him and how he's raised such wonderful children. He's done an outstanding job in raising Zeek and guiding him. I can't thank him enough for being an amazing example and one my husband can look up to. He should be very proud because his hard work is paying off in being a successful father, husband, uncle and especially grandfather. Seeing baby Jack's eyes light up when his papa comes in the room is such a great feeling. We thought it only fitting to name our son after Zeek's dad and can't wait to see what papa has in store for baby Jack. Happy birthday dad. Here's to many more and hopefully a handful of grandchildren just for you and mom. Go team Reupena!!

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