Dec 4, 2010


This particular post has no reason or rhyme as far as subjects go. I'm just in the mood to write and jot my thoughts down since it's easier to do so on the computer as it is in my journal. Plus my handwriting is getting sloppier as the days and years go by.
Today we went to our good friends son's 1st birthday party. It was so nice and so much fun. It's always great to get together with friends and family, eat good food and enjoy our time with each other. I met Reiko and James a year ago. My husband went to high school with James at Mater Dei and are good friends. The funny thing is, James actually lived in Utah and as junior high kids we would play basketball at the West Valley Fitness Center. It seems to me that the world keeps getting smaller and smaller. Anyway, this wonderful couple are great friends and knew we would get along just fine when I came down to California last year in November. Reiko is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and probably one of the most genuine. Their son is a doll and I can't believe he is one. His aunt started up a photography business. Check her out, she's blossoming into a great photographer. I hope to book an appointment with her once I'm able to get my little family all together. Anyway I do have a point, I just wanted to express my gratitude for having such wonderful people in my life. These guys are a definite blessing to us. We love you guys and happy birthday Kairin!!
On another note my Hola Cow is coming to spend Christmas break with us. We're driving to Utah on the 17th to pick him up. I'm excited and so is he!! He's expressed how happy he is to be coming to California where there's no snow and to see all of us. He really misses his brother and breaks my heart to think about the two being apart but I know no matter what, they will be close. Hola is a great older brother and his concern for baby Jack is adorable. I couldn't have been blessed with greater kids. Mariel sent me a Christmas card in the mail and sent Hola's wish list for Christmas. He is into collecting pillow pets and has taken a liking to soccer. He's asked for a soccer ball and a goalie. I love how he loves to try new things and am so excited to be able to spend a couple weeks with him. There are times when I want to be a Debbie downer and sulk over Hola not being able to be with us in California but I always have to remind myself that things could definitely be worse so when I have down days, I think of the goofy things Hola and I used to do. I also think of how blessed I am to have the most supportive husband, loving in-laws, a grandmother I can call my own (even though she's Zeeky's but it's nice to have a grandparent around. My only grandparent is in New Zealand) and a wonderful baby who makes parenting so easy.
As far as the biggest loser competition goes. It is definitely a lot harder than I thought. I just don't have the willpower. I am definitely more consciously aware of what goes into my mouth. I am down three pounds so far and hope it will continue. I've been counting my calories which is funny because I used to make fun of my friend/co-worker about counting hers. I told my husband to scold me every time I have a fat girl moment and want a fat juicy burger or oreo's  at two o'clock in the morning so he's been great in reminding me. Funny, it's only been three days and I feel like it's been an eternity but I know it'll pay off in the end. My goal is to lose the pounds and so that is what I'm going to do. I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have and here's to counting calories!!


  1. Wow! You go girl! 3lbs is amazing progress!

  2. Go T! Cindy Spangler and I are going to do the body for life challenge. You should join us except we're not starting until after the holiday's (too much temptation). Hee hee hee. I'm not sure the "eat all you can before your diet" is working though because my slacks are starting to get a little tight. I think I may have to slow down on that. Keep it up!!

    I'm excited that Hola gets to visit with you. I'm sure it's so hard to be away from him. I was laughing when I read about his collection of pillow pets. Brighton LOVES pillow pets! It must the "it" thing this year. LOL.


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