Jan 13, 2011

Our Christmas

After waiting two whole and not to mention long months, we were able to see my wonderful Hola. We had a bump in the road before we were able to pick him up but I need not get into that story just because it'll make me vent about his dad and he's not worth our time. Zeeky and I were able to drive down to Utah and pick up Hola on Christmas Eve. (should have been sooner but like I said not getting into that story) We had arrived so late that by the time we went to pick Hola up he was already sleeping. He made a good effort in trying to stay awake though. Once we picked him up, we went to my mom's to get some rest before having to head back to California. When we got to my mom's house Hola woke up for a little bit and the first thing he wanted to do was lay down on Mariel's bed and spend time with Zeke. I wasn't offended, I know how much Hola loves him and to be honest he knows he can get cuddle time with me no matter what. I think in so many ways he longs for affection and needs that type of attention from a male figure. I'm glad that I have Isaiah to be that role model for not only Hola but for Jack as well. Anyone can have a child but it takes real work and effort to be a parent. A child isn't supposed to be used as leverage or a tool so when I have my down days I always have to remember that whatever the courts rule doesn't mean they know everything. I mean how can one make a quick decision on such a life changing event? It still boggles my mind and I have trouble knowing that our fate was left up to some stranger who for the sake of time just left things how they were regardless of the fact that the environment may not be suitable to raise a child in. But that's another monster I'll have to tackle another day. Hola reassured me that he knows how much he means to me and he knows that we will never give up on him. He says he misses us and thinks of us everyday. He was asking how old he had to be to choose where he wanted to live. It breaks my heart that he knows too much already. I don't talk about the situation his dad and I have gotten into because it's not something he needs to worry about. Right now he should just be a kid. I hate that he feels like he needs to choose but I know that he longs for a family environment with a mother, father, and siblings. He really is too smart for his own good but I take comfort in knowing that the Lord watches over him and gives him strength. I know in due time all will fall into place and that I need to be patient. Before we know it, Hola will be old enough to go away to college and he won't have to feel this type of burden. I know I could've prevented all of this if I would've not fallen for temptation and listened to my parents but I've learned and am so much stronger for it.
Anyway back to the subject at hand, while Hola and Zeke were hanging out, he sent me to get some burritos at Beto's. By the time I got back, the two of them were fast asleep. Luckily I had Mariel to keep me company while I ate my food. In the morning, Christmas morning we woke up and my mom made us breakfast. I let Zeke sleep in a little more just because he had driven all night. Hola was so happy to be with my mom. Those two are so funny. They truly are the best of friends and have such a special bond. They love each other so much and I know my mom was just as happy to have him there. There's a sense of freedom Hola has when he's at my mom's. He seriously can get away with anything which sometimes for me is a bit frustrating especially when it comes to disciplining and enforcing rules.
Even though it was Christmas morning, I had only brought one gift because I didn't want to load up the car full of stuff we'd have to take back anyway. My mom had her stockings hung but had no idea we were going to crash at her house so she definitely wasn't prepared with stocking stuffers or gifts for that matter. I told Hola that when I spoke to Santa I had asked him to deliver his gifts to California so he immediately wanted to leave and get to his presents as soon as possible. My sister Lessa came to visit and it was so much fun to see her. I forgot how much I missed being with my siblings. We sat in the living room and looked at old photos and laughed at how ugly we were. Most of my pictures consisted of tangled hair and funky looking clothes, looks like not much has changed! My hair still tangled but I don't care!! It's so long now that I don't really maintain it, maybe it's time for a new hair do.
When Zeke woke up we decided to get back on the road. Hola absolutely hates road trips and twenty minutes into the car ride, he asked if we were there yet. It seems as though the ride home was so much faster than the ride to Utah. After Hola's show of awesome dance moves, treats galore, a couple naps, lots of fog and ten hours on the road we finally made it home. It was so nice to be out of the car and to stop hearing Hola's little whines of when we would get there. Once we got home he opened his presents, put on his spongebob pajamas and spent some time with his baby brother.
Hola was so happy to see his brother and couldn't believe how big he had gotten. It really was such a great week and so nice to have my boys together. While Hola was here he didn't want to do much. He's such an easy child. He was perfectly fine with staying home with Zeke, playing on the computer, eating hot pockets and messing around with Nick and Lewis. (he loves them!)  We took Nick and Hola to Nickel Nickel (the equivalent of Nickelcade in Utah) and they won so many tickets. All of Hola's little toys were on his lap when I took the photo of him and Nick.
We also took the boys to Boomer's on New Year's eve. It was so cold that night so the boys only rode the Go Karts. We also played games there and I hit the candy bar jackpot!! Hola also enjoyed himself to a nice Icee. Did I mention it was cold that night?! He's so crazy!
Like I said in my last post, it was such a real treat to have Hola with us. We definitely can't wait until the summer and I know he's counting down the days. He said he wished that the seasons would go Winter, Summer, Summer, Spring, Summer, Summer, Fall. That way he'd be able to spend more time with us. He's too cute and I can't wait until we reach another chapter in our life that will enable us to be closer to him. I am thankful for Zeke and his hard work in school and his drive to continue to do well in football. We are still waiting on where football will take us next and I'm looking at it with an open mind and more importantly I told him I'll follow him anywhere. Just as long as I have my companion I know I will be fine.
We love and miss you Hola and definitely can't wait until you are with us again. I get so emotional when I think of him being so far away but I am grateful to have spent that time with him and enjoyed every minute of it. Especially my cuddle time, luckily both of my boys are cuddlers!!


  1. Awesome post "T"! Hola is a great kid and is super lucky to have such great role models in You and your Husband. Much love to you guys!
    -The Larsons

  2. Awww, he is so cute and I loved this post! I loved his wishful thinking of the seasons; it made me laugh and smile. And I was also saddened by the courts decision but I am grateful that you had such a wonderful time with him.


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