Feb 10, 2011

Onto another chapter

I have been missing in action on my poor blog. I've been so tired, very occupied and just plain tired. The reason I am so tired and lazy is because we're expecting baby number 3. Yes I know we just had a baby and to be honest I thought I was doing well in my so called birth control. Let's face it, I need to find another form beside the pill. I'm no good at it! We haven't set an appointment so I'm not sure how far along I am but I am definitely feeling the morning sickness this time around. After two amazingly easy pregnancies, I finally have the symptoms and realize how spoiled I've been. It's been rough.
It's been a struggle to get up and go to work but I know that being employed especially in times like these is a true blessing.
We definitely have much to be thankful for. So many new things and so many changes will be occurring this year. Isaiah officially signed with Western Carolina University. He received a full ride scholarship and will be heading to North Carolina in May. I, on the other hand will stay in California until our baby is born. Months apart is going to be hard but it's something we're willing to sacrifice because Isaiah is fulfilling one of the goals he has set since he was young and I need the support of his family and in helping me with baby Jack and the little one on the way. I know Isaiah will have his plate full while he's away and he will have peace of mind knowing that I'm in good hands with his family.
On another exciting note, we are doing our temple prep classes and will be done by the end of February which means in just two short months we will be sealed to our little family for time and all eternity in the Newport Temple. At first we set the date to March 19th but couldn't reserve the chapel for a luncheon we wanted to have after our sealing so we are looking into April. Everything as far as dates goes will be squared away hopefully by the end of this week. This news is the news I'm most excited about because the moment I was married to Isaiah I was looking forward to our next goal which was having an eternal marriage. This year I have had this in the back of my mind and was the most important thing I felt we needed to accomplish. As we put one year under our married belts, it has been such an amazing journey and couldn't imagine my life without Isaiah. His patience, respect, and love for me is ridiculously amazing. I love him and soon enough will be able to say he is my true eternal companion. I was hoping to get my endowments done in Salt Lake so my family, friends, and loved ones would be able to take part in one step to our special endeavor but I'll have to see how well that works with my pocketbook. It still might be possible so stay tuned, I'll definitely keep you posted.
A lot has happened in such a short amount of time but I do feel like our pieces are falling into place. I'm ready for our new adventures with another little one on the way and ready to see what North Carolina has in store for us these next two years. I can not deny the Lord's hand in all we have been blessed with because we would be nothing without Him. I'm grateful and know that if we continue to do what is right all will be well.
I just want to tell my husband how proud I am of him for his hard work. He has been through so much and has definitely had such determination. I know a lot of people get things handed to them or have been catered to but I can honestly say his hard work paid off. He did plenty of research and lost a lot of hours of sleep just to make sure he made a decision that will not only be great for him in the classroom and on the field but for his family as well. I know he will do great and can't wait to see him in action this coming football season.
I'm thankful for my parents, in-laws, siblings and amazing friends. I miss my family dearly especially my Hola but it gives me peace of mind knowing my family is able to see him and spend time with him. I do know that no matter where we go Hola sees the examples we are trying to set for him. My brother Tory was able to take Hola to Hollywood Connection to play games and laser tag. The same night my brother emailed me and said in a random conversation they had, he had asked Hola who was going to baptize him and asked if he could do it. Hola's response was, "I want Isaiah to." That gives me such great joy! Miles and miles apart and my Hola sees how great of an example Isaiah is. I'm thankful for that and hope to continue to instill great values in our children.


  1. Congratulations Talisha and Isaiah!! What an exciting next few months you have!! Know you are loved and prayed for!!

  2. So exciting...on all counts! Betting it is a girl if you are already sick :)

  3. Thanks Delude that means so much to us!
    Kristy I've been thinking so too but kinda want to keep my boy streak going! I'm sure a girl would be a nice change though!!

  4. Whoa my auto text on my phone is crazy. I meant Delise!! lol

  5. CongratulationsT!!! On everything. I have been wondering how you are and then I saw you on Alexis's blog. I am also expecting #3 and it is so hard when you have kids to take care of. I hope you feel well soon.

  6. Again beautiful post. My eye's started tearing up at what Hola said to Tory. I know you blogged about this in February, but I sure hope you are feeling better or starting to anyways. Now you know how I felt when I was prego. LOL! I'm teasing. Congratulations to Isaiah! What a wonderful opportunity it will be and again congratulations on your goals to get sealed in the temple. It truly is a wonderful experience and I personally felt closer to Burt knowing that when we die he can't get rid of me. LOL. Anways, best of luck with everything!! :)


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