May 22, 2011

One more week...

Today marks one more week before my husband leaves to North Carolina for football and to gear up for this upcoming season. The next three months will definitely be a challenge but I know that it'll all be worth it in the end. Being apart will be a bit tough and weird for me not to see him everyday but I am so proud of him for being so persistent in getting his school work done, good grades included and working so hard on the field to receive his full ride scholarship. We are so excited to be able to continue our journey to a small town called Cullowhee. 
I am staying behind in California until the arrival of baby #3. (Still no name but I'm hoping that Zeeky will think of something soon.) Once baby is born then we will make our way to North Carolina and get ourselves settled for the next two years.
I get a little sad thinking about Zeeky leaving but then those feelings fade knowing what he'll be doing and the sacrifices we'll have to make for him to succeed. It'll be an amazing feeling once he graduates. Education is so important and I am so proud that he has the opportunity to continue to finish school and at zero cost!
I'm slowly learning how to coupon, a little rusty but hoping that soon I'll be a pro which will definitely help our little family while we're on our own. A college student, two kids and minimal income equals find any and every way to pinch our pennies!!
I am beyond excited to see what another state has in store for us. How we will grow as a family and as individuals. 
Another highlight of this summer will be that Hola Cow will be coming for the summer in a few weeks. I am so happy. It feels like it's been forever since I've seen him. I wish so badly that he was closer and that we'd be able to see him everyday but looking at the greater picture gives me great comfort. Once Isaiah is done with school our family will have greater opportunities presented to us and I believe that our sacrifices will be well worth it. I know the time apart from Hola has made us closer. He is always concerned about the well being of his baby brother Jack and he is so excited to be able to play with him. He is also excited that he's having another brother. He truly is a proud big brother and I'm just glad that Hola will be able to spend time with both before he has to go back to Utah for school in August.
I know the Lord knows my needs and wants and will provide the things that he sees fit for me. I know that this year I've learned the virtue of patience. I know that if I continue to do the things He wants me to, I will reap the blessings. I am thankful and feel richly blessed in all aspects of my life. There is a lot going on in our little world and we look forward to each moment.

To my amazing husband: I thank you for your endless efforts to take care of us. Your love and support never go unnoticed and I appreciate you dealing with me. I trust that you will do everything in your power to make sure we are taken care of and I feel comforted to know that we are in great hands. You are my rock and the greatest blessing. I am forever grateful you are my eternal companion and I know nothing is too challenging or too hard to handle because I have you by my side. I'm proud of you for your determination to succeed and follow your dreams. I know you will do well on and off the field and I have so much faith in you. I love you more than words could ever express.

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