Jun 23, 2011

I love...

I haven't done an I love post in a long time, the last time I did was on my facebook notes so here it goes.

I love...

-the fact that both of my sons are here with me.
-the cool breeze we get from being so close to a beach.
-what's in store for our little family within the next few months.
-that I won't be pregnant in 6 weeks.
-that although I am miserable being pregnant, my Kendric's kick movements are on target.
-that I can find church songs on youtube to listen to.
-reading old messages from my amazing husband.
-that my lovey makes me giddy still.
-the fact that I still have my calling as a YSA sunday school teacher. I definitely learn so much.
-listening to music.
-my husband and can't wait to see him.

I have my ups and downs but it's nice to write about the things I love because there are so many. My good always outweighs my bad. If you're ever feeling down make a LOVE list and I guarantee it'll make you smile. It sure did for me!!

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