Jun 4, 2011


It hasn't even been a week yet since Isaiah left but yesterday I was feeling a little down. I know it's all a mental thing because when I think about how much I miss my husband then I tend to become a little baby. He's been telling me to keep busy and not to think about it too much but I do exactly the opposite! I know once Khayleb comes then it'll be different, he'll help pass the time and keep me company. It doesn't help that this pregnancy has taken its toll on me and I'm just ready to not be pregnant anymore. Today I'm feeling a lot better. My focus is back to where it needs to be and I just needed to get out of that "poor me" slump.
Anyway baby Jack is beginning to be quite the character. He makes me laugh all the time and he definitely is the boss around here. He knows who he can cry to just to get his way and he's starting to throw these crazy temper tantrums! He enjoys spending his time with Nana and Papa. He loves to reach up to the piano and touch the keys. When we set him down to play the piano he actually looks like a natural! Looks like in a few years we'll put him in piano lessons. He still loves to sing everyone to sleep. It's funny because he loves to sing anywhere he goes especially when we're at church. When we're singing the hymns he tries to sing over everyone. People in our ward love it and quite frankly so do I! You can tell his singing voice to his normal jibber jabber. His singing voice is a lot softer and it's a little higher in pitch. I love it.
Here is a video of Jack playing the piano:

I am loving every minute of being with baby Jack and watching him develop and learn. He is such a joy to our lives.
Here are some photos of our goofy boy. Hope you enjoy your weekend!!



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