Jun 1, 2011

We finally came up

with a name for baby #3. I had asked Isaiah to think of a name before he left to North Carolina since he won't be here for the birth of our baby. It took us a while and we decided on naming our baby Kendric Isaiah Reupena. I asked if his middle name could be Isaiah. I think it has a nice ring to it and we are pretty happy with the name. Now if only baby Kendric will stop kicking mommy and making me vomit, that would be greatly appreciated.
Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was amazing and that the rest of this week goes well.
We are missing daddy since he left Sunday but everything seems to be falling into place and it finally hit us. He's one step closer to his dreams and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are the most recent photos of us.


  1. Love that names. Not too many weeks left, right? Be strong...can't wait for your whole family to be together again!

  2. Kendric Isaiah is a way cute name! Love you, cousin! You have a beautiful family :)

  3. Thanks Kristy, only eight more weeks left. I'm just counting down the days because I've been sick since day one!!
    Thanks cousin, love you too!! Please kiss baby for me!


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