Jul 7, 2011

Best Week Ever!!

This past week Isaiah had a break from school and football because of the holiday. He had told me a few weeks back and he immediately hopped online to find good deals on flights back to California. Six days doesn't seem so long but we've been apart for a month now so any time is worth it.
I was so excited to pick him up from the airport. It was almost like we were dating again. I had the butterflies, was anxiously waiting, continuously checking the time. I swear it was the longest day ever. The time finally came and I drove to the airport. Once I saw him I was like a giddy little school girl but I tried to play it cool! This past month hasn't been going as fast as I would like but we're nearing the end of my pregnancy (thank goodness) and we are so close to being together again. Isaiah is really good about being mentally strong. He keeps himself occupied and doesn't think about the distance or at least tries not to as much so then he's not sad or gets down. It's a good thing he has goofy roommates to help pass the time. I, on the other hand am such a mess at times, it really is ridiculous! My justification is that he is my constant comfort that even if I am having a bad day or feeling awful, just having him by my side makes a huge difference.
Anyway when we got home Isaiah went straight to Jack. Jack was in the front room sleeping with his Nana. It was so awesome to see Isaiah's face light up when he saw his son. I just love watching them together. He is such a great father and has so much love for Jack. Baby woke up and a few hours after we had gotten home Jack was sleepy again and really fussy. I think Isaiah was secretly worried that Jack may have forgotten him or maybe I was thinking he might have. We headed to bed and in the morning our crazy little Jack woke up, looked at Isaiah, smiled and dug his little head into Isaiah's chest just like he always has! It was the cutest thing ever. I think that night I had the best sleep I've had in months. It was great to wake up next to my husband. I hope you all never forget what a blessing it is to have your loved one by your side.
We knew Isaiah would be coming so we planned to celebrate Jack's first birthday a little early. We celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheese on the 4th of July. It was really small with a few friends and family. I think it turned out a lot better than if we were to plan some huge 1st birthday like most people do. Isaiah and I have decided that big birthdays won't start until they're 5 or 6 because they don't remember any of it and plus we think it's a waste of money and time to invest in one day especially when the little one could care less.
I was so glad that Isaiah was able to make Jack's birthday party. I wanted to bake a cake for Jack's birthday party and wanted to try and do a Lion King cake. Isaiah's mom had gone to party city and said there was nothing but Spongebob stuff which was fine because Jack loves Spongebob too! The funny thing is that I had made a Spongebob cake for Hola's first birthday party. I also made a round chocolate cake so Jack could put his face in it. It's kind of a tradition that Hola and I have had since his first birthday to stick his face in his birthday cake.
Jack was so excited and it was like he knew that everyone was there just for him. He definitely loves to be center of attention and when everyone was clapping and cheering for him, he got even more excited! I think it had to be one of my favorite things to see this year. Hola had a blast too and was so happy he was able to be here for Jack's birthday party. After Chuck E Cheese we all came home and took a little nap, well me, Isaiah and Jack did. When we woke up Nana and all the little kids had gotten started on trying to break open the piƱata. It was so funny to watch them. Once they were done with that it was dark enough to light fireworks. I think this was the part that Hola enjoyed most. It's always so great to see my boys happy and today they definitely were happy. I love seeing them smile and they both are very special to me.
We enjoyed our week with daddy and Hola was bummed that he had to leave again. We soaked up as much time as we could, we even tried to stay up super late some nights. I tried not to think about the fact that he had to leave again. He left on Tuesday. Before he left we went out to eat with his parents and the boys. Isaiah's little brother Lewis came after to say bye and Hola had asked if he could go home with Lewis. Hola hugged Isaiah, shrugged his shoulders, took a little glance back and then left. It makes me kind of sad that Hola has this way of disconnecting especially when it's time to say goodbye. It's like there's a switch he has and knows when to turn it on and when it can be turned off. The reason I say it makes me sad is because kids shouldn't have to turn their emotions on or off. It should be raw and innocent. He truly is wise beyond his years and we are truly blessed he is in our lives. After Hola and Lewis left, we followed Isaiah's parents to the airport. We decided to park since he still had a little bit of time to spare before he had to go through to the gates. Isaiah and I went to get him checked in and get his boarding pass. The line that was forming to go through the gates was starting to get long so we all said our goodbyes. Isaiah's mom shed a few tears and I tried my hardest not to follow suit. I was close but caught myself before a tear had shed! I knew that we had a couple more months to go and before I knew it this distance thing would be a thing of the past. As I hugged him he told me to be strong and that we were almost there. I nodded, told him I loved him and to call me once he landed. The time went by so fast but it definitely was a boost I needed to get me through the next couple months. The times I want to feel weak I pull out my scriptures and read about the trials and tribulations that occurred in the past and I realize this is nothing. We will be okay and that absence makes the heart grow fonder!! I love him for the sacrifices he's made and the hard work he's put into school and football.
This past year has flown by so fast and I think back to where we started and how much we've grown. I look forward to continuing to make fond memories together and watching our boys grow into wonderful young men. I know that Isaiah is an amazing role model for them and that he is such a great example.
I am officially on maternity leave (thank goodness) and am 27 days away from my due date. The time is getting close for Kendric to join our little family and we are so excited. The heat is killing me and I'm ready to say goodbye to pregnancy forever!! I think boys are great and we'll keep it that way. In the back of my mind I think in a few years I'll want another one but then I think about this pregnancy and I change my mind. I'll take what I've been given and enjoy every second with our boys.
As we approach the weekend, I hope you all have a great and safe one.
Our birthday boy will officially turn one on Sunday so I will post something special then. Here are some photos of the birthday boy and of daddy's visit!
{He was so grumpy}

{Birthday boy just woke up}
{They both love the camera!!}

{Jack is such a Papa's boy!}

{Daddy and his mini-me}
{Baby Kendric}

{Hola's a goof, I love my boys!}

{My baby is growing so fast}

{Birthday boy}

{Aunty Tiffy and Jack}

{He was so excited}

{The Spongebob cake that Isaiah and I made}

{The king}

{Isaiah took Hola back old school with his Mario Kart on Nintendo 64}

{He likes to try and drink the water...so gross but he's so cute}

{He found his way to the chocolate cake}
I had the best week ever and can't wait to see my lovey again.

Isaiah, I love you babe!
I am always reminded of this scripture when I think of you; Moroni 8:3. 
"I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end."

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  1. I know you really don't have a choice in going through all of this...but babe you ROCK! Life will get better.SOON!


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