Aug 28, 2011

Finally settled

Patience really is a virtue!! We are finally together and it feels great! I am whole again!! That may seem silly but like I've said before Isaiah is my better half and when we're apart there is a part of me that is missing. He has said that it's nice for him to come home and know that we're there. Now all we're waiting for is our little Jackie boy. He'll be here Tuesday with Isaiah's parents. We miss him and every time we receive photos of our little rascal we laugh. He's going to be quite the entertainment because he's so curious and wants to get into everything. Kendric is four weeks and he is a good little eater. It's funny because when me or Isaiah walk by he'll follow us with his eyes. He's so alert and he knows what he wants. He'll make little whiny noises and stop right after we pick him up. Jack was exactly like that. Whenever we look at Kendric we see Jack. They look exactly alike. Sometimes we'll mistakenly call Kendric, Jack. I'm sure for parents with more than one kid, you can understand. It's not like we mean it, it just slips! Now I don't feel so bad because my parents used to do it to my siblings and me. It is very humid here so I've been staying indoors. We have no car right now so hopefully we'll have a little more freedom once we get some wheels! I definitely took for granted the fact that our chapel was so close and the fact that we had a car in California. Hopefully we'll get the car situation squared away but for now I keep busy with cleaning our little apartment, taking care of Kendric, cooking/baking, netflix and laundry. Luckily we have a washer and dryer in our apartment so I don't have to leave to do laundry which will make it so much easier especially when our mobile child comes! Isaiah's first game is this coming Thursday against Georgia Tech. I'm happy for him. Football is going well. Yesterday they had to do rookie skits. Isaiah had an hour break so he came back home for lunch. He was telling me about it and he wanted to be prepared so he came up with a rap that had to do with their upcoming opponents. When he came home from practice in the evening he told me that everyone loved it. It was kind of like Amateur Night at the Apollo. If they like your performance or skits then the team will cheer and if they don't they'll boo you off. Isaiah said it was funny because someone said he was going to tell jokes and immediately they booed him off! I think that's a great way for a team to bond especially since guys aren't so sensitive so they wouldn't get offended if they got booed. He said he was nervous only because he didn't want them to boo. Once the music started and he started rapping he said everyone was cheering. Isaiah has a very musically talented family. A while back he used to do shows with his sister so he's familiar with crowds but he said the team was the craziest and loudest crowd he performed in front of! So funny but I'm glad it went well. He has a bunch of characters on his team and I can't help but laugh when he comes home and tells me stories or highlights of his day. I love it, we'll just laugh at random things and share old memories we had as kids. It has been so nice just to hang out. I almost forgot how much I enjoy his company. Things are great and we're transitioning very well. It doesn't matter where we are just as long as we're together. Hope you all make it a great week!
Jack and Isaiah. July 2010

                                          Kendric and Isaiah. August 2011

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  1. Your boys do look alike! So cute! Glad you're back with you husband. We'll have to get together sometime!



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