Aug 22, 2011

Life Changes

I had been planning on posting about so many things within the past few weeks and have yet to peel myself from the sofa to do so. But here I am now and so many things have happened this summer.
We had the privilege of having Hola the whole summer. It was so great to have him everyday and be able to see his smiling face. When he came to us he was a little bit on the skinny side and I'm happy to say he left a little heavier than when he arrived. Good eating is all I can say!! I was so sad to have to take him back to Utah. It was definitely bittersweet because I was sad to say bye to Hola but excited to see my lovey!
Baby Jack stayed in California while I went to drop off Hola in Utah with baby Kendric. Since I'm nursing I didn't want to leave him behind. We arrived in Utah and we were able to spend time with my family and then I left the next day. I was so happy to be able to see my family. I've missed them so much. There was lots of laughter and lots of jokes. Kendric and I arrived safe and sound in sunny California and I was too anxious to sleep. I tried staying up all night watching tv and looking at my phone for the time. I guess my body couldn't handle it anymore because I had fallen asleep at three in the morning. When I woke up it was a little after four. It made me a little excited because we were supposed to leave to the airport at four thirty. We drove to LAX and it was already so busy. We checked in my bags and made our way to the security check point. My father in-law went as far as he could go with us until he had to say goodbye. He and my mother in-law will bring Jack to North Carolina next week just to make my load a little lighter while traveling. I still have to say that traveling with an infant is still hard work. I went through security and in trying to break down the stroller, remove my items and place them on to the conveyor belt people looked at me as if I was crazy. Instead of offering a hand like you think people would, they cut in front of me and one lady even rolled her eyes. In most instances if someone rolled their eyes at me I would've said something quite clever but I didn't have the energy nor did I think they we were worth it. Plus it's LA, that place is full of rudeness and inconsiderate folks!! I finally finished putting the stroller back together and headed towards my gate. When I got there I went to the ticket counter and the man that was helping me gave me a row all to myself which was awesome. The flight was two and a half hours and we were headed to Dallas. From Dallas we went to Asheville which was another two hour flight. Asheville is the closest big city to Cullowhee. The good thing about each flight I took was that I had the whole row to myself. I liked it because it gave me more room and made nursing a bit easier because I wasn't bumping arms with my neighbor. When we arrived in Asheville I was just about done with plane rides. Good thing I won't have to take another flight for a while. A couple weeks earlier Isaiah told me that he wasn't going to be able to pick me up from the airport because he had orientation. I told him that'd be fine and while I was at the baggage claim area, I looked up and saw this handsome man! He was there and I got so giddy. Of course like I always do I tried to hide it but I was so happy. He came to us and gave me a big hug. It was so nice to be in his arms again. He looked over at his new son and went to take him out of his car seat. Mind you this is their first meeting because Isaiah was unable to be there for Kendric's birth. It was great to see Isaiah light up, just like he lights up when he sees Jack. We grabbed our bags and placed them in his coaches car. Asheville is about forty-five minutes from Cullowhee. I was so exhausted so on the ride to our apartment I fell in and out of sleep. We arrived to our apartment and my first impression was that it kind of had the feel of Weber State. One of my best friends Monica attended Weber State and I made a lot of weekend visits and Cullowhee has that kind of familiarity. It almost seems like I've been here before but I really haven't. On Saturday I was able to go to Isaiah's scrimmage. Isaiah has a teammate whose girlfriend is a member. A couple weeks ago she requested to be my friend on facebook and I was so happy because I knew at least one person in this small town. She had contacted me and asked if I wanted to go to the scrimmage and of course I said yes. I absolutely love watching Isaiah play football. I enjoy the game in general but it's different when you're watching someone you know play. He's really good and I can tell by his body language when he's mad or tired. I thought he looked good out there except he said he felt really fatigued. He's always a much harder critic than I am. I asked him how in the world can he play in this humidity. I walked out and thought I was going to melt. Luckily his coach had come to me and took me to the weight room facility which is right next to the field so I was able to watch the scrimmage from his air conditioned office. I was grateful because it was just too hot for Kendric. Isaiah is so reserved and polite off the field but as soon as he gets on that field he turns into a beast! I love that he is able to do what he's worked so hard for. Ever since he was young he has always known that he was going to get a scholarship for football. He was determined to put in the time and effort to make sure he got to this point. As I sit here in our apartment and think about it, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I know he will do well this season. His first game is on September 1st. His parents are bringing Jack down and will be able to catch his season opener. I'm proud of Isaiah and he is determined more than ever to continue to do well in school. With my help I know he'll have no trouble in focusing as I will relieve his load by taking care of the kids and making sure our home is in tip- top shape! It seemed like this day would never come that we would be reunited but that was only because I was so impatient. It is so rewarding to be able to be with my lovey again. I'm so grateful for his strength and for the fact that he held it down here in North Carolina. He's great and suits me so well.
As much as we're missing our Hola, we've continually let him know that we think of him daily and that we love him. Once baby Jack arrives then it'll definitely feel like we're complete. I'm excited to see what this new adventure has in store for us. I hope you all have a great week. I know I will just trying to get used to this time change. I'm still on California time which is a three hour difference from North Carolina. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll be acclimated to this change. Then it'll be like starting over again because I'm sure our little Jack will take a little time on adjusting as well. From our town to yours, we hope you make it a great day!!

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