Sep 17, 2011

7 Weeks

Our little Kendric is growing so fast and loves to eat. It has been such a joy to have him here to join our little family. He is such a strong little boy and when I lay him on my chest he loves to pull his head up. He also deals with his big brother, our bully Jack! Jack loves to try and pinch him. Little sneaky boy but he is becoming softer with Kendric when he pats his head or touches his little toes. These two will definitely be close. I can't wait to document the things they will get in to!
He is seven weeks today and loves to sleep and eat. My goal has been to continuously nurse Kendric. I made attempts with Hola for two weeks and I gave up because he wouldn't latch on. I nursed Jack for two months and was discouraged because he wasn't gaining weight. When we moved to California I gave up again just because it was easier to get formula and let everyone take Jack places and help out. (yes I am aware that I can pump and everyone would still be able to help out but I didn't.) I know that's lazy and inconsistent but so far so good with Kendric and he is getting pretty heavy. I'll have to say I feel pretty accomplished!!
I love when he stares at me. The whole time I feed him before he falls asleep he'll look into my eyes and I just melt. He's the splitting image of Jack. They look so much alike and the fact that they are so close in age, they may as well be twins!!
Jack still refuses to kiss his brother and he loves to take Kendric's blankets away from him. I'm sure this will continue as they get older but Jack better watch out because Kendric will fight back soon enough! I can't wait to see them interact and be the best of friends. Hola is excited to have two brothers and wishes he could be around to see them grow but it was such a blessing that Hola was able to be around for both of his brothers' births. When Isaiah graduates in two years we'll return to Utah so they will all be able to grow up together. We're happy and blessed to have our little Kendric. He is an amazing blessing and can't wait to  
see his personality shine through. We love you son!!

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