Sep 4, 2011

Ready or Not!

This week we were able to enjoy the company of Isaiah's parents visiting Cullowhee and bringing our little Jack back to us. They've been extremely willing and have done a great job in helping us care for and love our little Jackie boy. I know it was hard for all of us to see Jack part with his Nana and Papa. His whole 13 and a half months of life has revolved around the love and support of not only us but his grandparents and his great grandma Va. It has been nice to see him grow and gain amazing relationships with each one. I know they will only grow stronger as time goes on. Jack has gained the love of every and anyone around him, there's something about him that makes people smile. It's contagious. He is his Papa's little sidekick and it has definitely been a privilege to see these two play, laugh, cuddle and have Papa's love for music rub off on Jack. It's amazing what little ones understand and pick up. We definitely don't give these kids enough credit for what they can comprehend. I am blessed to have my children gain such an amazing relationship with their grandparents. My Hola absolutely loves and adores my mom and step dad Mo and it's the same with Jack and his Papa and Nana. I love the dynamic they have with each other. I love that Jack wants to go everywhere Papa goes. They have a special bond and it broke my heart to see that they will be apart for a little while. It brings me back to being grateful and blessed to know that families are forever! No matter how long we may part, we are promised eternity together.
Mom and Dad arrived to North Carolina on Tuesday night. It was so great to have them here and just being able to spend quality time together. As each day passed it started to get more real that once they leave it'll just be me and Isaiah doing ALL the parenting, loving, teaching, singing and daily walks that Jack requires! haha (he has to have his daily walk in. he doesn't like staying in the house all day long but then again who does?!) This may seem dumb because I am a mother of three but I've had so much help so I can never say I did it all on my own plus this will be the first time I won't have any family living near by. I don't trust anyone to leave them with a sitter so date nights will be with them included or just non-existent until Isaiah is done with school and I can't just leave them with Mom or Dad so I can do grocery shopping or run errands like I have been able to. It's definitely going to be different, it's going to be challenging and everyday will be different. I kept asking myself if I was capable of being able to handle it. I questioned if I would be able to. Saturday night I couldn't hold it in. I cried and Isaiah asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was scared. His parents had done such a great job in raising him and his siblings and my parents did great in dealing with my stubborn self and I commend them for their endless love and never giving up on me because I was a handful. I told him that I fear I won't do as good of a job but he, of course being the supportive husband that he is assured me that God trusted us to be the parents of these amazing boys. That no matter what, we'll make sure that we give them all the love and support we have to offer. Even in our darkest hours, we'll do anything and everything to provide guidance and build them up in the ways of the Lord. He more importantly pointed out that Jack always wants to come to me and that Kendric is fed and well. After our little talk I felt better and said a prayer for comfort, that all will be well and that my in-laws would have peace knowing that we will make sure we are great parents for our boys but most of all I prayed that Jack would know that he will be ok with us. That he would be comforted in knowing that Nana and Papa will be far and he won't see them daily but he will still feel the love they have for him.
Mom and Dad left early Sunday morning. Their plan was to leave before Jack woke up so then it wouldn't be hard for Jack to see them drive off and wonder why they were leaving. I was feeding Kendric early in the morning and Mom came in to say goodbye. I gave her a hug and thanked her for everything. Jack had opened his eyes and closed them again so I thought we were in the clear. Then Dad came in and said bye. As we said our goodbyes Jack was starting to wake up, he noticed that his Papa was leaving the room and gave a little whimper. Jack wanted to go out of the room so Isaiah picked him up and walked his parents outside. I stayed inside with Kendric and a little part of me was glad I stayed in because I couldn't bear to see Isaiah's dad cry especially because this was the day I was dreading. I knew it was going to be great that our little family was together and that we'd start this new adventure on our own but I knew it was going to be a sad day as well because Jack is so attached to his Papa. I waited in our apartment for what seemed like forever. Isaiah finally walked in with a tear stained face. As you already know I'm a crybaby so I cried again. I asked him how it went and he said that his parents went to kiss Jack goodbye and before they got into the car Papa had reached for Jack to come. He always wants to go and never hesitates but this time he looked at him, smiled and turned his head as if to say he wanted to stay with daddy. Isaiah said they drove off and Jack did his cute little wave to them. It was almost like he was waving to reassure them that he'd be ok. When Isaiah told me that I said a silent prayer thanking the Lord for answering my prayer the night before. Jack was ok and he didn't cry or throw a fit because his Papa and Nana were leaving him.
We noticed that Mom had left her bag of make-up which also had her driver's license in there. I called them to let them know so they turned around and came back. Isaiah told me his dad said that after driving off they felt a lot better knowing that Jack wanted to stay with Isaiah and that Jack will be content with being Daddy's little sidekick. I know I won't know the feeling until my kids grow up and I have grand kids of my own. I won't understand when parents say the love of a grandparent is different than the love of a parent. But I do know that when that time comes I will cherish every moment I have with each one. I will build up relationships with my grandchildren as I will with my children. I love the relationships I have with each of my boys. The way they look at me, the way they trust me. I know sometimes it's easy to question whether we are capable of being a great parent but I am assured that I will be just fine. I know it's not going to be easy and some days might just down right be frustrating. But I know with a lot of patience, prayer and faith all will be well. We're officially off on a new adventure for the next two years and I'm glad that no matter how far away Mom and Dad will be, we always know they will be here for us as well as my parents too I'm grateful for all of them. What more could I ask for? As each day goes by I am happy to be able to see just how much we are richly blessed, big or small I am noticing them all and the impeccable timing of each and every one. I know the Lord knows us individually and knows what we need. It helps me try to be more positive because I am fortunate in having so many blessings, a supportive and devoted husband, wonderful children, a loving family and amazing friends to see me through my tough times.
To those friends and family that ever stop by in North Carolina feel free to visit us. I'll gladly take visitors any time!! Have a great week and remember to count your many blessings, I bet you can't name just one!!
Here are some photos of our week.
                                                             Jack's first night in North Carolina

                                                It was a rough night but eventually he fell asleep!
                                           Jack at Daddy's game, it was a blowout but it was still fun to watch him.
                                           Kendric's first game and may be the last for a while. (see last post!)

                                                  The little rascal doesn't like to sit still...ever!
                                             Having another one of his moments, still adjusting.
                                                         Jack discovered the blinds
                                                         He thinks this is the funnest thing to do!
                                                                    Playing peek-a-boo!
                                                         He thinks this is a good hiding spot!
                                       Jack, Papa and his cheese balls because he's a cheese ball!
                                                                       Papa and his sidekick!!
                                                                   Little Jack and Big Jack
                                                                  Jack demands attention!!
                                              Crazy sleeper Jack and his poor victim Kendric!


  1. I can't imagine having to take two little ones to a game by myself, much less one! Great job managing it and I don't blame you for staying at home to watch the games from now on.
    Your little men are so handsome! Love the story about Jack saying good-bye to his grandparents. Made me teary eyed; it was very sweet. I'm about five hours away, so if you need anything at all, let me know.

  2. Thank you, that means a lot. The only reason I went to the game was because my in-laws came to help but it was still a challenge. I can't believe how humid Atlanta is. It's nice to know you're near by.


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