Sep 2, 2011

Things I've learned this week

I've learned a few things this week, things that I've observed and things I just want to get off my chest since after all this is MY blog. I'll just list them and in no particular order!!

-no matter how much you want a big bed to lounge and have your sleeping space, when you love someone, you're more than willing to share a twin bed!
-it doesn't matter who the couple is, if they're arguing, there's never a good time during the argument to ask a question! AWKWARD!
-going to husband's football games with two little ones under the age of 13 months is going to be more challenging than I thought. Looks like we'll watch his games at home online.
-Kendric has bionic ears. I bet he could hear a pin drop from down the hall, such an alert baby.
-welcome to the south, home of the double negatives. I didn't realize it irked me until I heard it a few billion times.
-I realize I would rather live near town or in the city than in a secluded cooped up place where it takes you  maybe an hour to get to civilization.
-I have literally left our little apartment four times since I've been here in Cullowhee!
-I am grateful my little Jackie boy is here with us. He is loud and definitely brings life to our little place.
-I love, love, love watching my husband play football. He looks very nice and studly in his uniform!! hehe
-Our apartment building is at the top of a hill so I like to people watch.
-The first night of Jack being here was really rough as far as bedtime goes but we're going on night three and he's adjusting...thank goodness.
-my  headaches have become worse
-I'm not a fan of Atlanta
-me and humidity do not mix. If it were a person I'd like to punch it in the face!
-I am abundantly blessed and they just keep coming. I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for his continuous hand in everything we have done, will do and are doing.
-No matter how frustrated, mad or bugged I may be, I have realized it's the little things and the tender moments I need to keep dear to my heart for they might be my last.
-Life is short and you never know when your time here on earth is done so I hope you forgive easily and love more.

I hope you all have a great and safe Labor Day weekend!!


  1. Glad your lil family is settled in! I, too, hate humidity. Good luck out there! Love you guys :)


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