Sep 11, 2011

Things I've learned this week

I did a things I've learned post last week and I think that if I can remember I will try to do one each week.
Things I've learned this week are:

-trying to keep a tidy house is no use until the little ones go down for their nap!
-I do at least three loads of laundry every day. Its mostly the boys' clothes.
-Jack does a fake cry each time he wants something.
-Kendric likes his daily baths just like his brother!!
-Each time I call to talk to Hola, I get no answer. Ugh, Hola needs his own phone.
-Jack loves Skype.
-Jack can scream loud.
-Kendric can too.
-Watching daddy play online was a good choice especially since Lion King was able to help me distract Jack so I could actually watch the game.
-I don't know how long this laptop will last especially since Jack likes to mess with the keys.
-I enjoy the fact that Kendric has a double chin now. It means that I'm producing enough milk for him!!
-Nights are a lot easier now and we're on a schedule
-Naps are amazing.
-A car makes lives a lot easier. It will make ours easier once we get one. Me and the boys will actually be able to enjoy Cullowhee a little more and get out of the house.
-Although I enjoy watching Zeeky play football, it will be even greater when season is over. More quality time!! It's like a full time job on top of school.
-Jack loves to follow daddy around, it's really cute.
-Jack is scared of my electric toothbrush.
-I may need to cut my hair because the boys love to tug at it. I really don't want to though.
-We are the only ones in our complex that has kids. Everyone else just has dogs, lots of them.
Hope your weekend was a lovely one. We're enjoying the fact that it's cooling down a lot more. The change of seasons is in the air. Have a great week!

(This is a photo we tried to take of us four. It's actually our first official photo together.)
{technically it was take two!}
Here is Zeeky and Jack, throwing a fit because I took the camera from him!
This is me trying to make it up to him!

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